What's Next

This is what it is in development for January 2010

  • Releasing newest weapons
  • Restrict Cages Lock to Slavers only (KOS) - suggested by Anneliese Wolfenhaut
  • Releasing dev kit
  • NPCs
  • Setting up Nomos for SGS
  • Subscribe Management from the Web
  • Bugfix: Combat Items should be allowed only to active fighters (suggested by BigPapa / Alina)
  • Bugfix for Employment Register
  • Adding music to Sultana's Harp
  • Adding musician poseball to the Arabesque w/ lute

These are in the development queue:

  • Freebie Clothes
  • Finishing web pages (help & Info)
  • Sex beds
  • Redo the torture machines with menu-controlled objects
  • Apartment Rentals in KOS