Weapons Info

Here below is the list of weapon types. These values are true and correct at the present time, but they are subject to be revised quite often.

The CAT and FIST are the weapon type with less damage. All others should be balanced to use in a fight. If one weapon type seems to inflict more damage, the values will soon be adjusted.

These values are also shown in local chat when you first load your weapon in-world.

You shouldn't pay attention to them, unless you intend to use a development kit for personal use. In that case you will have to pick the right weapon type from the list below

Melee Weapons
Ranged Weapons


  • DISTANCE: distance from target in meters
  • DAMAGE: number of health points for each successful hit
  • PREC: precision. Example if damage is 6 and precision is 99%, the amount of damage will be a number between 5.0 and 7.0
  • RATE: number of seconds between hits
  • STAMINA: amount of stamina which will drop for each time you use the weapon
  • DAMAGE TYPE: read more