Prim Excess for Residential/Business Rentals

If you are in this list, your prim count exceed your prim allowance. If you have a co-tenant, their prims were also added to your prim count.
We will send reminders as courtesy notice.
You can either remove the extra prims or increase your prim limits (and your remaining rental will be adjusted).
If you don't do anything about it, we will remove your prims or extra prims OR we will increase your prim limits (whichever is easier for us). Just keep in mind that increasing prim limits will shorten the rental time etc., and increase your weekly rental fee.
You are responsible to keep your prim count within the prim limit.
ps: if you cannot lower your prim count, please contact us (either Baal Zobel or Kora Zenovka as soon as possible). And we will see to find a solution together (raising prim allowance etc).
Thank you!
RegionRenteeRezzed PrimsAllowed Prims
All tenants do not exceed their prim limits

If you are in the list below, we found prim rezzed in your name, but you are neither a tenant not a co-tenant in this specific parcel/SIM.
Therefore, your prims WILL be returned.
If you share an apartment or a store with another tenant, please ask them to be added as co-tenant.
ParcelAvatar NameRezzed Prims