Join the adventure Embrace your destiny and seek out a dangerous future..

  • Kingdom of Sand

    Kingdom of Sand

    Ireem of the Pillars, the great city.

    Throughout the night of endless stars
    I saw as in a dream
    Arising from the swirling sands
    The towers of lost Ireem.......

  • Nomos


    Nomos City

    NOMOS CITY is open for all lovers of dystopian futuristic Cities. Come visit and maybe stay a while, to take in the bad air and the, as ever, oppressive social system.

  • Golgothica


    The Arisen

    They walked again upon the beaten Earth. But they were stricken by a new hunger
    A thirst they could never quench.
    No matter how much they drank.

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News & Next Events

Apr 2014
SGS HUD v 3.510
In this release: – the hidden/disguised mode is now turned ON by default. That is t...
Feb 2014
Time for election to elect all Group Leaders (or not). All Groups Leaderships are up for ...
Nov 2013
New Businesses open for new ownership
If you are interested in the business roleplay, you might want to signup as candidate for...
Nov 2013
House of Pleasure Election
Here are the candidates: Am Demina kaity Ametza JimmyCheltenham Resident needyou22 Reside...
Nov 2013
New Pottery Owner: Soft Imari
Soft Imari was voted to become the new owner of the Pottery at KOS. Congratulations!